Stoves Restart

Stoves Restart

Restart is a collection of Italian made household cooking ranges in a traditional but modern style with a retro touch.

The kitchen stoves are available in 90, 100 and 120 cm. Gas or induction cooktop and single or

dual multifunctional ovens, with grill, rotating spit, “pizza function” and hot air.

The 3 distinctive designs are: Classic Door, Glass Door and Solid Door.

Classic Door has an elegant varnished covers on the oven door, with the oven glass hidden.

Glass Door, is the more traditional oven look, where you can always see into the oven.

Solid Door design is inspired by the larger commercial Officine Gullo restaurant ranges.

The cookers come in 5 preselected colors, and burnished brass or satin nickeled brass finish.

Other RAL colors and finishes are available on request.

Bespoke Restart

Below is a collection of classic Restart cooking range designs.

It’s a impressive range of unique kitchen stoves featuring gas, electrical and even wood burner fired cooktops and ovens with sections like coup de feu, barbeque, deep fryer and fry-top.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

For inspiration on a new bespoke kitchen range. Have a look at the classic Restart catalog.

Click here do download the RESTART FIORENTINE Catalogue in PDF

Restart Felix Series ELG035

Restart Felix Royal Series ELG104

Restart Felix Series ELG046

Restart Felix Series ELG047

Restart Felix Royal ELG103

Restart Cussy Series ELG346

Restart Felix Royal Series ELG111

Restart Felix Series ELG022

Restart Felix Royal GGL115FR

Restart Felix Royal Series ELG116

Restart Felix Series ELG023

Restart Felix Royal Series ELG105

For items not already available online in the webshop, please just contact us for prices and availability.