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Here is a list of catalogues from Restart and Officine Gullo. If you have questions about pricing and delivery time. Please contact us here


Complete Officine Gullo Catalogue - New

Complete catalogue with range cookers, hoods, sinks, fridges, barbeques, taps and more

PDF 125 pages

Sections of the Complete Officine Gullo Catalogue

Restart & Fiorentine Cookers, Hoods, Taps and Sinks, Accessories, Fridges and Built-in

Restart Main Catalogue

Italian range cookers, fridges, wine fridges, brass hoods, sinks, taps and accessories.

PDF 67 pages

Officine Gullo Taps and Sinks Catalogue

Complete range of brass and taps and burnished brass kitchensinks

PDF 52 pages

Officine Gullo Accessories Catalogue

Coppersinks, kitchentaps, Italian designer tables and chairs, brass lamps, painted ceramic tiles, backpanels, cooking knifes and other kitchen accessories.

PDF 218 pages

Officine Gullo Home Professional Cooking

Kitchen cooking ranges, hoods and fridges,

PDF 64 pages

Officine Gullo Home Professional Kitchen

Complete kitchens in metal. Brass, copper, stainless steel and chrome finishes.

PDF 55 pages